Suzanne Banbury formed the Banbury School of Dance in 1967 with the express intent of teaching Classical Ballet in Houston. The building was constructed specifically as a dance studio to Mrs Banbury's exacting standards. Since the surface upon which a dancer is required to dance is crucial, both dance rooms have raised maple and oak floors to minimize stress and injury to growing legs, feet, and joints; thus the risk of injury to your child is absolutely minimal. Our teachers have a combined total of over seventy years of experience and knowledge in the correct and proven methods of training dancers in the art of Classical Ballet.

We realize that only a small percentage of dancers become professional and that the majority of students dance for other reasons. Our primary goal is to educate young bodies and minds in the basic principals of dance. These principles encourage discipline and teach the skill of concentration; qualities that carry over into school, work and into personal life. Dance teaches body awareness, promotes graceful movement and proper posture. The discipline of dance also provides other benefits: physical fitness, poise, mental alertness, and visual acuity. Many doctors recommend dance as physical therapy for the correction of back problems, weak feet, and hip disorders. Besides, it's just plain FUN!







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